Castle Care Concrete, Inc. has broken down the type of work we do into four categories. Each section is explained in detail below. If you would like to see a gallery of work we have done for Stamped or Imprinted Concrete, Stamped Overlay Concrete, Faux Rocks and Rock Walls or Water Features, just click on the images below.

Stamped or Imprinted Concrete replicates all types of stone, brick or even wood planking. Stamped concrete is cleaner and easier to maintain than real stone or brick, it can be formed into any shape or size imaginable, it has almost unlimited color range, it can be elegant and intricate or it can be massive stone slabs. In fact, stamped concrete can be almost anything you want it to be! But most important, it is less expensive than real stone or brick.

Stamped Overlay Concrete looks and feels exactly like regular stamped concrete. The only difference is that it goes on top of your existing patio, swimming pool deck, porch or walkway rather than replacing it. Of course the concrete to be covered must be relatively sound and without excessive cracking. This is a great way to have the beauty of stamped concrete and keep the cost down.

Other Concrete Coatings:

Broom Finished Color Coating: Re-color ugly blotched concrete. Put over your existing driveway, walk, patio, pool deck or any concrete surface. After cleaning and prepping, a colored, cementitious, fortified coating is applied, then broomed to make the area look new again. With proper care, this beautiful new surface will last longer than the original surface. A wonderful and inexpensive way to dress up your worn out concrete.

Re-Color Concrete: A sprayed on, cementitious, color coat that was specially made for re-coloring stamped concrete without losing the texture. Also works wonders over existing colored salt or broom finished concrete that has blotched (a big problem with integrally colored concrete).

Texture Spray Coating: A single or multi-colored, cementitious, fortified, non skid, decorative finish. This inexpensive, multi-colored texture gives a lively, festive feeling to your old concrete patio, pool deck, walkways, and more.

Granitite: A trowled or sprayed on, rock hard, multi-colored granite decorative coating that will go over almost any type of surface… concrete, wood decks, metal, plastics, and more.

Faux Rocks and Rock Walls: Concrete truly is one of the most versatile building products known to man. Most experts feel that the Romans invented concrete. The Romans used concrete to help with their bridge and aqua-duct projects and they also used it to cover rough hewn rock walls to make them look like one large slab of stone. Today we use concrete to make it look like rocks! Huge, properly shaped landscape boulders can be almost impossible to find and very expensive to place in a rear yard. Not so with concrete. Faux rock walls are less expensive, stronger and cleaner to sit on than real stone!

Water Features: There simply is no limit to what you can achieve with faux rock water features. Whatever color, shape or size you can imagine, it can become a reality in your own back yard. All you have to do is call Castle Care Concrete, Inc..